Our engineers for Cummins, Mr. Gursharan Sehint has got training from Cummins England and has worked with Cummins dealer for 15 years.

Company has installed HA-290 (3375317) to calibrate all types of Cummins and STC injectors.

Cummins tool (3822696) to set travel for all type of Cummins and STC injectors fitted on NT-855, KT19, KTA38, VT1710, M11, KTTA50G and L10.

The company has installed Hartridge 2500 and upgraded just for Cummins, in addition Mobile Test Unit HF491 to test Cummins PT pumps on existing test stands as long as it meets the necessary power and speed requirements, according to Cummins DATA specification.

Company has complete DATA for all Cummins pumps and injectors

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